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Greater Detroit Heating and Cooling, inc. has a stellar reputation for providing superior service, which we credit to our technicians, who possess the knowledge, training and technical depth to deal with problems that arise on all types of heating and air conditioning systems.


  The number one cause
of heating and air conditioning
 system failures is lack
 of manufacturer recommended
routine maintenance?

Your heating and air conditioning
system consumes more energy
 than necessary every month
when it operates in an unclean
 and untuned state.

The health and safety of your
 family is threatened when your
heating and air conditioning system
runs without periodic professional

An improperly maintained heating
and cooling system will not
 keep your home as comfortable
as it should be.



We are a cut above the rest! 

   Skilled Technicians
   Expert Installers
   The Best Brands
   Friendly Service
   Quality Materials
   Competitive Prices
    All Work Guaranteed

We understand the importance of your home to you. At Greater Detroit we take the extra steps to insure the safety of your home and it's belongings. We guarantee our work in writing. Our warranties are not limited to the equipment installed in your home. We warranty our work as well. If for some unforseen reason, a problem arises, Greater Detroit Heating & Cooling will respond quickly. These are just some of the extra services that separate us from the rest. Ask around and you'll hear only the best things said about our service, our custom installations, and the high standards we set for ourselves.

If you are looking for a contractor that provides solutions as well as high quality products and services, then Greater Detroit Heating & Cooling is your logical choice.

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We offer theft protection
for your equipment.   
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We service and install all makes and models of boilers, chilled water systems, air conditioners, furnaces, make-up air units and electronic & pneumatic controls. We provide building maintenance on commercial accounts and offer service on a call-to call basis or we can create a custom maintenance contract for your facility to maintain the high level of performance you are expecting from your equipment, including CSD-1 testing.  


Chilled water systems,

Comfort and Process Boilers,

 Hot Water and Steam,

Gas-Oil (unlimited) Maitenance Contracts,

H.V.A.C., Air Filtration Systems Electronic/UV Lighting,

 Forced Air Systems,

Heating & Cooling Refigeration Systems,

All Refrigerants,

Building Energy Management Systems,

Pneumatic/Electric Control Systems,

Duct Fabrication and Installation,

 Marine Refrigeration & Climate Control,

 Unlimited Service to All Phases of H.V.A.C. Equipment.

We Service All Makes And Models